Integral LIS – Enabling Best Practices in Land Management

With over 20 years’ experience in land management, ENKON knows first-hand that managing land resources and land rights is a day-to-day necessity for every land manager. To help organizations better organize these critical assets, ENKON developed the Integral platform, a feature-rich suite of web-based applications specifically designed for land and environmental management.

The Integral platform includes a number of out-of-the-box land management solutions that can be put to immediate use and can also be customized for organizations with highly specific needs. The Integral platform offers a standardized approach to land management in an organic framework, so your land management system can grow with your needs. It is available in the cloud or can also be set-up on location for clients with high security requirements.  Integral is used in many areas such as:

  • Material Management and Building Products
  • Aggregates and Cement Production
  • Utilities (Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission)
  • Transportation 
  • Mining
  • Government Organizations

From knowing the total value of your properties to sending out reminders on lease expiry dates, Integral provides the tools necessary for your land department to effectively manage their business processes.

“Integral for Utilities is a land management toolkit that couples project workflow, document management and GIS mapping all in one package. It’s accessible 24/7, in the field or in the office.” 
Mike Bunn, Supervisor
CRE Compliance, Information & System Support, Alabama Power



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