ENKON Information Systems Inc. was originally formed in 1997. ENKON’s objective was to deliver information management tools to land and environmental managers through innovative software solutions. Through 20 years of prior consulting experience in land and environmental management and witnessing the manual tracking of information, ENKON’s founders believed that computerization of these processes would improve an organization’s long-term performance.

ENKON’s first product, EasyMap™, was a stand-alone software solution primarily used in the railway industry. EasyMap™ managed land and environmental information along rail corridors. With its powerful mapping functionality, it was ideally suited for corridor management. As corporations started to accept the Internet and increased bandwidths became more readily available, ENKON created a web version of EasyMap™. This was deployed in 1998. The use of the system expanded from railway assets and railway corridor management to other types of industries, focusing particularly on facility/operations management. Functionality expanded significantly from 1998 to 2003, with a new module added almost every year, expanding out of mapping.

In 2003, a new software product was launched, enviroLIS, which significantly expanded the system’s capabilities into land asset and environmental management.  Many of the software tools developed for the EasyMap™ product, were easily adapted to land management requirements. A new product, Integralwas launched in 2014, which integrates all land and environmental modules into one application suite.

Today, through the Integral platform, ENKON offers comprehensive software solutions in Land Management that also addresses environmental aspects of land management. All of  these solutions can be integrated with our high-end GIS mapping software, EasyMap. Our objective remains to deliver leading-edge information management tools to our broadening customer base. Our growth in the future will be in mobile applications.