New Product Releases

Power Grids

ENKON has just released our new Power Grids. These grids allow much more filtering and querying capabilities into the Integral database. The grids also allow immediate export of the filtering results to Excel and PDF for quick reports. Find the record of interest with ease. The Power Grids are available for the Site, Facilities, Agreements, and Permit modules. Key features include:

  • Apply up to two filters per column 
  • Rearrange columns
  • Add and delete columns
  • Export to PDF or Excel
  • Group by function up to four levels
  • Sort records by ascending and descending order
  • Gives total number of records in the database

New Advanced Report Writer 

ENKON has released our new Advanced Report Writer. Any type of report can now be created in a very powerful web based designer. Some of the key features includes:

  • Add Charts and Graphics
  • Create Sub Reports
  • Full control of styling on every field
  • Export to many file formats
  • Add complex tables
  • Build complex expressions for filtering
  • Save your own templates or share them with others