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Integral is a powerful, web-based land management platform built by ENKON to better manage an organization’s land-based assets and business processes.

If your organization needs to better organize and secure the information related to your land assets such as properties, facilities, reserves, quarries, and rights of way, or if you need to expertly manage your legal rights to land assets, such as easements, contracts, leases, agreements, and permits, Integral will do the heavy-lifting for you. Integral manages all of this information in a centralized location, and will assist you in acquiring, divesting, and administrating your land holdings on a day-to-day basis. The Integral land management application suite is an ideal solution to provide the right tools to your land and tax departments.

ENKON’s Integral platform provides many solutions. Pick and choose what you want, and consider adding more in the future. ENKON’s flexible approach provides a solution customized to your needs and is cost effective.


The Integral application suite includes our EasyMap Map Viewer that is used to display your land information in a simple to use map interface. EasyMap provides a visual representation of your parcels, site boundaries, permit boundaries, leased areas, reserves, and much more in one powerful map viewer. This information is overlaid onto Google Maps to provide a great base map.