Data Integration & Migration



Most of our clients have existing systems that may need to be integrated with the Integral software. ENKON has developed a number of web services and adapters that can be used to integrate with our clients’ existing software products from financial systems to GIS applications. ENKON works with you to find the best solution for integration.  Integrate your existing systems with the Integral platform, or have ENKON convert your legacy systems into our single, feature-rich tool.


ENKON’s team has extensive experience in assisting our clients to enter, upload or migrate their land and environmental data into our software solutions. From importing Excel spreadsheets to scanning hard copies of permits and contracts, ENKON has the expertise and software tools needed to provide these services at a very high quality and in a very cost-effective manner. Examples of our data migration services include:

  • Creating import utilities for MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and many other software applications
  • Scanning and conversion of hard copy reports and documents
  • Collection, compilation and entry of information at clients’ plants and facilities
  • General data collection and conversion
  • Sourcing and processing aerial photography
  • Conversion of GIS data