Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Integral includes a map viewer, EasyMap, to blend powerful GIS functionality with a very easy-to-use interface. Utilize and manage your ESRI ArcGIS data sets within Integral.

ENKON’s staff provide a range of services aimed at supporting the design of efficient and useful mapping applications that meet your specific information management needs that include:


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Application Development and Programming including building innovative map viewers
  • GIS Data Conversion and Migration
  • ArcGIS Server Management and Support
  • Processing field data
  • Enterprise GIS Implementation
  • GIS Database Design and Development
  • Map Production
  • GIS Web Hosting

Data Processing

  • Geocoding – Addition of real-world coordinates to data based on street address information. Geo-referencing – Adding or adjusting coordinate values using control points and accurate base data.
  • Network construction – Enhancing existing linework by adding directionality and connectivity, thereby making network analysis possible.
  • Format conversion – Conversion of spatial or attribute data from one file format to another. ENKON specializes in the conversion of non-georeferenced corporate CAD data (engineering drawings, mini-surveys, building plans, etc.) to well-attributed spatial datasets.

Imagery Service

  • Format conversion – Translation from one file format to another, often requiring alternate geo-referencing techniques.
  • Sourcing image – ENKON can source satellite and aerial photo images for anywhere in the world for use in Integral applications.
  • Surface analysis – Three-dimensional object analysis, including surface modeling and 3D visualization.
  • Model Creation – Design of a structured set of rules and procedures to simulate real-world activity. Spatial models are excellent tools for analyzing complex systems.

ENKON is an ESRI, Microsoft, and Google partner.