Integral for Land Management

ENKON's Integral Platform has many core modules to chose from. Select what you need, and consider adding more in the future. ENKON's flexible approach provides a solution customized to your needs and budget.


Include the location of all of your operations and the business units they are part of. Add the geo coordinates and show the location of your operations on a map.


Manage the location and boundaries of your land parcels, the ownership of the parcel, operating status, documents, legal description, and land use and associate it to your leases, agreements, etc.


Track your assets on your owned or leased properties such as buildings, operating plants, homes, and much more.


Keep track of your data relating to any agreements, contracts, leases, easements, rights of way, judgements/condemnations and licenses to name a few associated with a particular property that is owned or leased by your organization. The payment terms and payments for each agreement are also managed in this module.


Manage licenses and/or permits throughout your organization and allows you to stay ahead of permit obligations. The Permits module has an easy way to enter and store the permit/license terms, key dates, and payments, all in one centralized location.

Acquisition Projects

Create property purchase projects for the purchase of one or many properties. Maintain data related to the purchase such as the appraisals through to the final sale. Track contact information such as owners, surveyors, and appraisers. Link the project to our Task Tracking system and setup reminders and email notifications.

Divestment Projects

Create property sale projects and track the divestment process, asset values, closing costs and much more. Add one or more of your properties to the project and easily link the agreements and documents from these properties to the Sales project.

General Projects

Create general projects of many types such encroachments. Link to the Task Tasking module and setup tasks and email reminders. Add documents and photos if needed.

Tax Tracking

Manage property taxes, from the assessment stage to when the final installment payment is made to the authorities. If an appeal is made, the Tax module allows to record and manage the appeal process.


Used to display various maps and provides a visual representation of your parcels and land information in one powerful map viewer. Users can see properties definition, permits boundaries, site boundaries, facility boundaries, and aerial photos. Link to the all records in the land database to show parcel ownership, agreements, and permits on the map.


Manage your reserves information and calculate quantities. You will also be able to track the production rates and adjustments for limestone quarries, sand and gravel quarries or any other owned or leased quarries.


File information about any incidents throughout your organization. The incidents recorded can be spills/releases, injuries, notice of violation, letter of advice, etc.

Archived Records

Store any information that is no longer current but not yet eligible to be deleted from the system. The Archive Records module can also be used to restore records to an active status which allows users to avoid manual data entry.


Track information about any inspections conducted at a specific location.  The administrator of the module determines the protocols, qualifiers and questions and the inspectors will answer the questions and record any potential findings or corrective actions.


Manages information about any assets owned by your organization. Assets such as tanks, boats, equipment or pumps, have custom fields to accommodate a better description. In this module you will be able to record data like Asset Name and number, status, description, history, location and associations with facilities and/or other sites.


Knowing who your competitors are and where they are located can be critical in acquiring or selling a property. Using this module you can track your competitor’s location and view it on the map, relative to your sites.

User Management & Security

The User Management module is focused primarily on managing users, including add user, edit user and reset user’s password.  The Advanced Security module is focused on managing the user’s access permissions, drop-down lists, and other system-wide permissions.