Success Stories

Alabama Power

ENKON worked closely with Alabama Power to develop a dynamic real estate and right-of-way Land Information System that administers major business units, including a Property Registry and Document Registry. The Integral-LIS system deployed for Alabama Power Company features full GIS integration, data import and historical data capture, permit, property, and shoreline management, document/photo management, and surveillance. The Integral-LIS application empowers Alabama Power to better manage land and land rights acquisition, leasing, sales, shoreline management and permitting, forestry management and operations, and property surveillance. These services fall under three sections: Acquisition, Shoreline Management, and Land Management.

Government of Botswana

After conducting an extensive review of the Government of Botswana’s land tenure processes through interviews of hundreds of primary stakeholders, ENKON developed an electronic Land Information System (LIS) using ENKON’s flagship product Integral-LIS to automate and enhance the country’s land management business processes. The Botswana digital LIS streamlines and integrates all of Botswana’s land registration and land management business processes and distributes and shares data securely between key governmental and non-governmental agencies. The Botswana LIS addresses land rights for three categories of tenure: Tribal Lands, State Lands, and Freehold Lands. The integrated LIS has proven to be an effective and comprehensive computerized Land Information System that continues to have a highly positive impact for the people and the Government of Botswana by providing social, political, environmental, and financial benefits for the entire country.

Lafarge Holcim

ENKON delivered a feature-rich Land Information System for Lafarge and continues to work closely with Lafarge to provide annual services, such as: application enhancements and upgrades; new functionality development and business process analysis; data conversion and uploads; hardware maintenance, warranty management, troubleshooting; daily back-ups with off-site storage; monthly delivery of datasets and reports; database management (integrity checks, etc.); system deployment and development; maintenance of all service packs and system upgrades; and email management. Working in tandem with Lafarge, ENKON has enhanced the Land Information System solution by adding powerful functionality that aids in access and analysis of information and allows its employees to be more efficient. Since its initial deployment in North America, the Lafarge LIS is now used in over 10 countries with a user base of over 800 users. The ENKON designed and built Lafarge LIS sends out and tracks over 600 land management-related task emails every week

Lehigh Hanson

Having delivered a stable and scalable software solution by using the Integral platform, ENKON was contracted during the deployment phase to enter Lehigh Hanson’s agreements (e.g. royalty agreements, easements, etc.), permits, and other land related information, including tasks related to their agreements, regulatory documents, and operations. ENKON worked with Lehigh Hanson to establish company-wide data upload procedures and protocols. In some cases, data was entered via scripted uploads of Excel files and Access databases. Data relating to additional land agreements was also migrated from a pre-existing Hanson proprietary database, or manually entered from scanned hard copies. Lehigh Hanson has embraced the ENKON Integral Land Information System (LIS) software solution to the extent that employee task completion rates tracked within the LIS have become part of the employee review process.

Cemex Power

The system developed in conjunction with Cemex’s land and real estate department provides a centralized repository of data and powerful tools for the effective and informed management of easements, leases, contracts, land acquisition programs, and general land management. In addition to building Cemex r a dynamic LIS, ENKON assisted Cemex in the installation and complete roll-out of their real estate system, including helping to define the optimum organizational structure to meet the land management business processes they require on a daily basis.

Granite Construction

Granite Construction builds roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, and other infrastructure throughout the U.S. and is one of the nation’s largest heavy civil contractors and construction materials producers. Granite started using the Viridian application suite in 2008, initially for regulatory compliance and task tracking, but has expanded its system to include the Integral land management package. Granite uses the software solution to track information associated with major construction projects and the land and assets involved in these projects.


Tarmac is UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. ENKON deployed a Land Information System in 2015 to manage their operations, properties, agreements, permits, reserves and much more and currently hosts this system on behalf of Tarmac. ENKON is currently upgrading their Reserves module and undertaking other enhancements.

The Tarmac system includes the EasyMap software, which is used to display over a hundred layers of land related information.