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The Integral-LIS application streamlines utilities’ land management processes by providing access to land information anytime and anywhere with mobile and in-the-field capabilities.

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Over 30 land Management packages, you can pick and choose the packages that best suit your business needs.


The Sites Module in Integral-LIS centralizes land information by grouping parcels, facilities, leases, and permits under one 'Site.' It tracks business units, operational data, documents, contacts, and photos, with location details like addresses. Coordinates auto-populate the map for easy visualization.
distribution projects


Work Orders are often generated by our clients’ internal work order systems. The Work Order will generate a request to the land department to acquire land interests related to that work order. In most cases the land interests are easements or covenants. The Distribution module tracks the process of acquiring these interests.
transmision projects


The Transmission Project Module is used to manage the process of acquiring land interests such as easements along a new or existing transmission line corridor. Detailed information about the transmission line itself and the land interests being acquired are recorded into the system. The Transmission Project module integrates with the Land Interest form. The workflow required to acquire the interest is also tracked.


The Shoreline Permits module is a comprehensive approach that streamlines the complex process of issuing and monitoring permits on your organization’s shorelines such as a reservoir. The module manages permit information such as general details, permittee contact info, specific location information, and linked assets such as a dock.
land interests


The Land Interest module manages information about the organization land interests such as deeds, easements, access covenants, conservation easements, riparian rights, restrictions, and much more. The location of the interest, the signing authorities, financial considerations, are all tracked for an interest. The Map tab will also show the location of an interest on a map.


The Pipeline Project module is like the Transmission module as it is used to track the process of acquiring land interests such as easements along a pipeline corridor. Detailed information about the pipeline itself and the land interest being acquired is recorded into the system. The Pipe Project module integrates with the Land Interest form. The workflow required to acquire the interest is also tracked.
acquisitions and diverstments


The Divestment module will manage and track the information about your land divestment processes. Workflows can be set up that match the process you follow to divest properties or facilities.
parcels tracts


ENKON defines a parcel of land as a specific portion or piece of land that is distinct and separate from neighboring land. It is a defined area of land that is identified by its boundaries, which can be determined through legal descriptions, surveying, or official records. It is an entity that can be owned or leased.


The Properties Module manages legal land parcels, tracking ownership, pricing, status, and use. It shows locations on a map, allows subdivision, and maintains parent/child parcel relationships. It also handles tasks, notes, documents, photos, contacts, and workflows.


The Permit Module manages information about your permits and licenses throughout your organization and allows you to stay ahead of licensing obligations and renewals. This module tracks the type of authority, who issued the permit, key terms, key dates, payments; and much more.


The Agreement module manages the full life cycle of many types of agreements such as purchase agreements, sales agreements, leases, sub-leases, land options, access agreements, and much more. An agreement can be associated with a particular property owned or leased by your organization and any other entity in the system such as a Facility.


The Facility Module manages information about any stand-alone facility located on your properties such as buildings, offices, warehouses, road networks, operating plants, large machinery, tank farms, cell towers, and much more. You can make associations between a Facility and a Site and the specific Properties to which it belongs.

Inside all modules, the system will provide tools to manage tasks, notes, documents, photos, contacts, workflows and more. 

The photo management tool allows users to store and associate photographs with specific land parcels, projects, or infrastructure.

The “Email” feature of Integral-LIS is tailored to automate alerts and notifications via email. Users can set up to receive automated updates on the progress and status of land management workflows and tasks.

Setup Tasks and Task Reminders

This tool is designed for the management and storage of all land-related documents within the software.

Design and Implement Workflows.

The notes tool in Integral-LIS serves as a digital notepad for users to record observations, instructions, or reminders related to land management activities.

The “Associations” tool in Integral-LIS maps the connections between a piece of land and its related Sites & Facilities, Leases, Properties, Agreements, and Permits, enabling efficient management of land-related assets and legalities for utility companies.

The “Mapping” tool in Integral-LIS is a dynamic feature that provides users with interactive, visual representations of land data. It enables the plotting of parcels, infrastructure, and utilities on detailed maps, facilitating geographical analysis and decision-making.

Report Manager, Report Designer, Report Scheduler.

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