Environmental Management Applications

ENKON delivers environmental management applications that includes a number of modules to enhance the functionality of your system. Purchase what you need now, and consider adding more in the future as your needs evolve. We aim to provide a flexible approach that can be customized to your needs and budget. Our environmental management software modules include:

Environmental Permits

Stay organized by tracking key information and receiving alerts about important dates and conditions associated with your operation’s permits, plans, licenses and approvals. Manage permits such as NPDES, CAA, and plan obligations (SWPPP, SPCC, Emergency Response, etc.). 


Maintains audits throughout your organization and accommodate everything from simple site inspections to rigorous audit protocols, online or offline. Track findings and corrective actions to completion.

Tank Registration

Track information about storage tanks existing on a facility and obtain information about capacity, contents, construction, containment and release detection.


Track compliance issues or fines within your organization. Keep track of the status of compliance issues, proposed fines, paid fines, and action information at the federal, state, or municipal level ensuring you resolve any reported violations.


Manage information about your owned assets such as tanks, sheds, safety equipment, wells, pumps, and use custom fields to include detailed descriptions. Record data such as asset name and number, status, description, history, location and associations with facilities and/or other sites.

Discharge Monitoring/Analytical Data Management (DMR)

Manage different aspects of your discharge monitoring programs, including discharge inspections, analytical data management, discharge permits and DMRs.

Hazardous Waste

If your organization is responsible for storage and disposal of RCA hazardous, universal, or solid waste, use this module to maintain inventory and track waste from your organization’s facilities. Create manifests automatically.